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To accelerate the connection of the unconnected. To educate and help build a better world.

Join CHEF Earth node for the Ride


We will be operating in 3 countries.

A true innovation hub

We have partnered up with several EN operators and created the first EN -Alliance.

Chef - Earth node will operate from Vancouver, Canada.

Our partners will operate their servers from New York - US, Greece - EU and Vancouver - CA.

All of the servers will be professionally deployed and maintained by our Parent company, World Reach Solutions LTD, while still ensuring a pure decentralized network.

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Changing the future of connectivity means thinking differently.

With World Mobile, their technology and products, we aim to be a major player in networking people and businesses under the CHEF umbrella.

A bold statement that matches the ambitions and the path that WMT stakeholders set.


Chef Earth node specs

The CHEF node will operate as a Full Earth Node offering all modules and services that will be available from World Mobile.

AMD EPYC 2nd Gen processor, 24 cores, 3.2 GHZ

128 GB of RAM


1 Gbps Dedicated Bandwidth

Running Linux 5.15


Coming Soon

Our plan is to expand in the Air Node field in the near future. After availability of the products and utilizing our Geo-location advantage, we will be able to offer network coverage in different parts of Africa while also offering remote and in-person maintenance services to the nodes.


Coming Soon

The node will be deployed and managed by our Parent company, World Reach Solutions LTD, in a controlled temperature environment with multiple redundancies built in. Lastly a cloud back-up server will take over, in the event of a power outage.

A dedicated business grade Fiber connection along with a 5G/ LTE backup will ensure uninterrupted services 24/7.


Coming Soon

All of our network products will run in renewable energy by 2026. This projection will allow us enough time to plan and acquire the assets needed to achieve the goal

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